Jeremy Burgin, CEO of Imaging Associates

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy commenced with Imaging Associates in 2023 in the role of COO/CFO, after enjoying a successful business career spanning over two decades, both here in Australia and overseas. He took up the role of CEO in 2024.

For most of his career, Jeremy has focused on building and expanding people centered technology businesses, with the aim of bringing people and technology together in ways that makes people’s lives better. As CEO, Jeremy provides strategic leadership and direction to ensure the continued success and evolution of Imaging Associates as one of Australia’s leading providers of clinical and diagnostic imaging services.  

“Ultimately my role is not just about steering the company towards financial success, but also about ensuring that the hard-work of our people has a lasting impact, both across the healthcare sector and the broader community, as providers of ethical and visionary healthcare outcomes”, says Jeremy.

“At Imaging Associates we are proud to have a team of talented medical professionals, many of whom are leaders in their field of expertise. It’s my job to make sure that they are empowered to do their jobs well so that together we can realise our collective goals”.

Jeremy is an Alumni of Macquarie Business School (Melbourne and Sydney) where he completed a Master of Finance and Harvard Business School (Boston) where he attained a qualification in Advanced Management. He has also completed studies in Business, Strategy and Leadership. His professional experience encompasses multiple executive and company director roles across private and private-equity backed enterprises in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Macao and the United Arab Emirates.

Prior to joining Imaging Associates, Jeremy worked as Chief Financial Officer of Rizing Limited, based in the USA. He has also worked in banking and as an Executive Committee member of GMC Global (Mining Services/Engineering/Management Consulting) and Vesta Partners (US HQ, Enterprise Asset Management Consulting). He is proud to have helped each of the organisations he has worked with to build their global reputation and expand their business. In doing so, he has been privileged to have shared in the success of the teams he has built and values the deep friendships that have been so much a part of these endeavors.

Jeremy’s interest in working in healthcare was inspired by the loss of a loved one to cancer. Seeing firsthand the talented and compassionate professionals who together worked to care for their patients was deeply moving and inspiring. He decided that he wanted to apply everything he had learned in a healthcare setting where he could play a meaningful part in caring for people in the community. He is committed to continually working to ensure that Imaging Associates maintains the highest standards of compassionate care and treatment for patients, collaborative partnerships with our referrers and suppliers and a rewarding, inclusive and respectful workplace for our people.