Clinical Director Angliss Hospital and Nuclear Medicine, Eastern Health, Radiologist

Specialties: Nuclear Medicine and Cardiac Imaging

Dr Sundaralingam is a specialist nuclear medicine physician, PET/CT with a particular interest in cardiac imaging. He completed his Radiology training at Monash Medical Centre in 2006, before embarking on a Nuclear Medicine and PET fellowship.

In his day-to-day practice, Bobby performs the full range of general radiology procedures and musculoskeletal injections, along with sub-specialty procedures including Coronary Artery Computed Tomography (CTCA), SPECT-CT and PET. 

As a nuclear medicine physician, Bobby is highly skilled and experienced in an array of procedures including Lung VQ, Myocardial Perfusion, Cardiac Gated Blood Pool Studies (CGBPS), Renal, Cortical and Endocrine Imaging, Thyroid and Parathyroid Gastro-Intestinal Imaging, Hepatobiliary, Gastro-Intestinal Bleeding, Gastric Emptying & Bowel Transit and Carbon Urea Breath Testing.