X-rays may also be called a general radiograph or radiograph. A radiograph is an image taken of your body by projecting x-rays through the body, using a detector plate to create an image. X-ray imaging can show damage to bones, organs or tissues. 

X-ray imaging is commonly used to visualise injuries of the arms and legs, but is also used for other parts of the body including the shoulder and chest. For these scans, our team of highly trained radiographers will place your limbs at particular angles on a receptor plate, and the camera will be positioned above you. The x-ray passes easily through soft tissues of the body, liquid and air, but is absorbed by denser material like bone.

Bones are outlined on the image as being white, and any pockets of air or fluid are seen as black. For a chest or pelvis x-ray you may be asked to stand, rather than lie down. In all cases, every attempt is made to avoid unnecessary discomfort during the imaging process.

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X-Ray imaging services are available at most Imaging Associates clinics located across Melbourne and Gippsland VIC, and Wagga Wagga NSW.

Walk-ins are welcomed. Please call your nearest clinic to ensure we can accommodate your appointment. We accept all imaging referrals.

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