Access your scans online with IA X-rays

IA X-rays allows you to view, store and share your scans performed at any Imaging Associates clinic with anybody, anytime.

IA X-rays app displaying a patient x-ray scan.

Our platform offers secure online access to your images via your computer, tablet or phone.

With complete access from wherever you are, you can share your images anywhere and anytime, whether it’s showing your baby’s ultrasound to family via social media or sharing an image with your health professional whilst travelling. Granting access to other medical practitioners is simple and quick.

Access your images via any device

  1. After your first scan, you will receive an SMS prompting you to activate an account to view your images. Tap on the secure link in the SMS and follow the prompts to register your account. 
  2. Download the IA X-rays app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
    Alternatively, you can view your images via the IA X-rays Patient Portal.
  3. Your images will be available on the IA X-rays app the day after your scans are performed.
  4. Your images and report will automatically be sent to your referring doctor. We recommend you always discuss your radiology results with your doctor. This is because tests represent just one of the many factors that are considered in reaching a diagnosis and planning treatment/management.
    Your report will be available on the IA X-rays app 21 days after your doctor receives it.

    Please note: If you have previously been a patient at Imaging Associates, you will not receive an SMS to register your account.
    To recover or register your IA X-rays account, please click here.

Having trouble?

Simply email and provide a description of the problem together with your Patient ID.

Our Patient Portal is ideal if…

  • You suffer from a long-term medical condition and need your imaging history.
  • You are pregnant – share your precious baby scans with family and friends.
  • You travel – have your scans instantly available anywhere in the world.
  • You need to share with clinicians involved in your healthcare.
Image of IA X-rays patient portal app on an iPad.

How do I share my images?

Follow the instructions on the diagram below to share your images:

Description of how to share your images via IA X-rays

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