Dr Mineesh Datta

Speciality: Neuro Imaging Reporting

Dr Mineesh Datta is a Neuroradiologist and Director of Medical Imaging at Box Hill Hospital.
He graduated with Dean’s List Honours from the University of Adelaide in 1999. During a short residency,
radiology was a quickly discovered passion and after finishing four years of registrar training, he completed a Neuro/MSK MRI
fellowship in 2006 at Southern Health.

At Box Hill Hospital he has established a reputation for quality.
As quality assurance lead Radiologist, he strives to deliver consistent superior service whilst accommodating a very busy department.
Being a regular speaker at multiple annual Eastern Health conferences and also as in his role as a lecturer for Monash University,
Mineesh practices his belief of “giving back” to medical community with ongoing teaching to Radiology, Emergency and Medical registrars.

A member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Neuroradiology, Mineesh has been integral in establishment of a quality
neuroimaging service at Eastern Health. Implementation and refinement of state of the art CT perfusion technology has had clear
clinical benefits. Having overseen the introduction of multiple new services at Box Hill Hospital, he is keen to foster existing and
new clinical relationships at Imaging Associates Box Hill where the purpose built department is ideally placed to deliver high quality imaging.
The 3T MRI (with 32 channel head coil) provides an exciting opportunity to broaden the scope of Neuroscience imaging across the Eastern Suburbs