Imaging Associates offers Cardiac CT Examinations including Coronary Artery Calcium Scores and Cardiac CTCA to assist in the detection of cardiovascular disease and to help tailor patient care plans.

Coronary Artery Calcium Score

Calcium Score Testing is beneficial for patients without symptoms who are concerned about the future cardiac risk of Acute Myocardial Infarcation (AMI). It is best for patients aged 40-75 years with an intermediate risk, and may help decide if statins or aspirin therapy are appropriate. Calcium scoring uses ultra-low radiation and requires no preparation or IV contrast.

Cardiac CTCA

A CT Coronary Angiogram (CTCA) is performed to demonstrate whether the blood vessels of the heart (coronary arteries) have disease or blockages. These can often cause chest pain and may lead to a heart attack.

This scan will require an IV cannula to be inserted in a vein near your elbow, with contrast dye injected to show the coronary arteries. It’s best to arrange to have someone drive you home after this scan.

What you need to know


You will be required to follow strict preparation instructions the day before, and the day of your Cardiac CT scan. They will be given to you at the time of booking.

Time required

This scan will take 10-15 minutes but you will need to arrive an hour beforehand. Following your scan, you will be observed for 15 minutes. Please allow two hours for the entire process.

Will I need an injection?

You will be given an injection of contrast dye for this scan through a vein in your arm.


Very few people experience an allergic reaction to contrast, but if you are aware of an allergy, please let us know before your scan. CT imaging does emit radiation, and while our new machines adjust radiation dose to the lowest achievable level (to produce a high-quality scan), if you have concerns about radiation dose, please discuss with your doctor.


The report from our radiologist will be forwarded to your doctor as soon as possible. If there are any urgent findings, a radiologist will notify your referring doctor immediately.

What do I need to bring?

  • Referral from your doctor
  • Medicare card (if applicable)
  • Healthcare card/Pension card/Student card (if applicable)
  • Previous x-rays/scans (if applicable)

What we need to know


Please advise us if you are pregnant or think you might be pregnant, or if you are breastfeeding.


Please advise us of any medications you are taking. They may affect the timing of your appointment.


Please advise us of any allergies.

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