23 Nov 2022
MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 07: Mimi Hill (L) and Brooke Walker of the Blues warm up during the 2022 S7 AFLW Round 07 match between the St Kilda Saints and the Carlton Blues at RSEA Park on October 7, 2022 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Dylan Burns/AFL Photos)

Knee injuries can be devastating for athletes at any level and can have the potential to impact an athlete’s career.

While preparation can be key, sometimes these types of injuries are unavoidable and will require short and long-term treatment plans.

In recent years, there has been added attention to ACL injuries – particularly among elite-level athletes in Australia’s major sporting codes.

Unfortunately, for those who experience an ACL injury, there are many complexities involved with the diagnosis and treatment.

The ACL has two bundles which can either be partially or completely torn, however, both can be as devastating as the other.

With the road-to-recovery for ACL injuries typically around the 12-month mark, it is important for the diagnosis to be correct in the first instance. Diagnosis and assessment is a crucial step in correctly determining the rehabilitation program and allowing the athlete to return to the field as soon as possible.

At Imaging Associates, we continue to develop innovative methods to better service elite-level athletes.

Imaging Associates specialises in the imaging of acute and chronic knee injuries, using our three Tesla MRI scanners to provide the highest-resolution images for analysis.

As the official High-Performance Partner of the Carlton Football Club, the technology available at our clinics has been crucial in helping the Club’s head physiotherapists and performance team better diagnose knee injuries.

Working closely with our team of specialists, Carlton’s medical team has been better able to understand the extent of player injuries.

The detailed scans provided by Imaging Associates to the Club’s medical team are integral in helping them assess whether there are any additional structures in the athlete’s knee that may have been damaged during the initial injury.

This information is then used in consultation with the surgeon as well as determining the correct amount of load to build into the athlete’s rehabilitation process.

Our industry-leading, high-resolution ultrasounds, and 4D CT scanning technology combined with our highly qualified radiologists allow us to provide all our clients with the most accurate imaging to better help them plan their rehabilitation programs. 

Aside from properly assessing and imaging any knee injury, they are also able to provide additional treatment including cortisone injections, treatments with biologic agents, and radiofrequency denervation for neural injury.

Time is always of the essence for any athlete experiencing a knee injury and if not assessed correctly, it can cause future trouble, making the initial assessment critical for long-term success. Imaging Associates understand the importance of getting accurate results in a timely manner.

With an extensive range of machines across our network, Imaging Associates can offer flexible appointments up to six days a week with same or next-day appointments typically on offer.

Imaging Associates pride ourselves as the trusted imaging site for many professional sports teams and promise to deliver a caring, informed, and comfortable experience for all our patients.

Imaging Associates is a doctor owned and operated organisation. Our radiologists have extensive knowledge in the field, and our high-end and high-resolution equipment provides the fastest and most accurate diagnosis.