Imaging Associates Education Series

04 Nov 2021

Imaging Associates is known throughout the medical fraternity for the support it provides to referring medical practitioners, including its commitment to providing up to date, quality, continuing education for GPs, Allied Health practitioners and specialists.

In 2021, Imaging Associates built on this reputation, launching the IA 2021 Education Series, which included a series of events within a convenient one hour evening webinar format which also enabled GPs to gain RACGP CPD points.

The series kicked off with one of our most popular topics – “Which Test Fits Best” presented by Chairman and radiologist, Dr Chris Holden. The session provided a contemporary overview of the different types of imaging and their pros and cons when it comes to providing accurate diagnoses for different types of patients.

Autumn 2021, saw many sportspeople and children return to their chosen sports, after a year that provided little opportunity for sports training or strength and conditioning work, due to prolonged lockdowns. Imaging Associates hosted two sports and spinal talks in April and June, with Clinical Director and leading MSK Radiologist Dr Paul Marks focusing on “Back to Sport” and Dr Mark Rassie, presenting a very topical discussion of Stress Fractures, which attracted an audience of close to 200.

The successful series continued with invaluable RACGP accredited presentations by world leading Cardiologist Associate Professor Dennis Wong and Dr Kevin Cheng on Cardiac CT, in August. 

Clinical Director and leading Breast Radiologist, Dr Daniel Lee presented talks on Thyroid Imaging and TIRADS and an update on different breast imaging modalities, including 3D mammography, contrast enhanced mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI. The presentation also introduced the audience to Transpara Artificial Intelligence. Imaging Associates is the first site in Australia to launch this exciting innovation which provides the radiologist with an “extra pair of eyes” to assist in identifying breast cancers earlier. This popular webinar was held to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness month, during which Imaging Associates donated $5 from every mammogram performed in October to our partner not-for-profit, Pink Hope.

2022 will see Imaging Associates continue the successful Education Series with long awaited dinner events, drinks evenings and webinars providing the latest thinking on Urology diagnosis, Injectionables and Nuclear Medicine, amongst others. 

We would love your ideas on topics of interest and invite you to contact us here with your preferences for continuing education through the Imaging Associates Education Series.