Coronary CT Angiography (Coronary CTA) is a CT scan of the heart and can show any narrowings or blockages of the coronary arteries. It is often used to determine if chest pains are caused by these narrowings or blockages. Imaging Associates Cardiology offers a weekly rapid assessment clinic at Imaging Associates Box Hill. Dr Gary Liew (Cardiologist) will be available to assess patients with chest pains and determine the most appropriate test. If patients are appropriate for coronary CTA, they will undergo some preparation before returning for the scan in the following week. Coronary CTA scans require a referral from a specialist and is covered by Medicare with a small out of pocket fee. Attendance of the Rapid Assessment Clinic will require a referral from your GP.


All CTCA scans require a referral from a Specialist. Â A Calcium Score CT requires a referral from your GP or Specialist.