Baw Baw Radiology Rebrand

After 4 years of working in partnership together, Baw Baw Radiology is changing it’s name to Imaging Associates.

Whilst our name is changing, our team and our on-going dedication to excellence in the Gippsland region remains the same.

Key Changes For Gippsland Referrers

Our name change means that from April 22, there are simple changes to how you access your patient’s images and reports.

Accessing Patient Images & Reports

Visage 7

The Visage server name you use when accessing patient images and reports is changing.
The new server name is

Please note: this server name replaces which was the previous server name used for Baw Baw Radiology access.

You can make this change by following the steps outlined below.

  1. Open Visage 7.
    Note: If you need to download Visage for the first time, refer to our General FAQs below.
  2. Once open, change your default server name to:
  3. Login using your existing username and password.
    This has not changed from your original account with Baw Baw Radiology.
    If you do not have a Visage account, fill out our application form here.

    Please note: the above steps also apply for users of Visage Ease.

Visage Web Viewer Portal

To access images and reports via the Web Viewer portal please now use:

Please note: previously the Baw Baw Radiology Web Viewer portal was accessed at

How to access images and reports on the Web Viewer portal:

  1. Go to Imaging Associates Visage Web Viewer
  2. Save the new URL as a favourite/shortcut to your browser of choice.
    Click the below button for a guide on how to add a shortcut.
  3. Login using your existing username and password.
    This has not changed from your original account with Baw Baw Radiology.

Sending e-Referrals

If you are sending an e-Referral for your patient, please select Imaging Associates within your practice management software.

Imaging Associates Website

The Baw Baw Radiology website will redirected to the Imaging Associates website.

The Imaging Associates website has helpful information for referrers under the “For Referrers” tab in our menu, including the following.

Telehealth and e-Requests

To assist you to deliver a safe and secure telehealth practice to your patients, you can send through your patient’s referral by filling out our online form here.

Submit e-Request

Order Referral Pads

To order more Imaging Associates referral pads, fill out the form on our website, and one of our Customer Relationship Representatives will deliver them to you promptly.

Order Referral Pads

Visage Account Application

If you haven’t yet obtained a Visage account for accessing patient images, or if a new clinician at your clinic requires access, please complete the application form available on our website. Our dedicated referrer support team will promptly reach out to assist you.

Request Visage Account

Patient Online Booking

Your patients have the convenience of completing our online booking form to request a radiology appointment at their preferred Imaging Associates clinic.

Online Booking Request

General FAQ’s

To set up a new Visage Account, please complete the online form on our website using the button below.

Request Visage Account

Require further assistance?

Please email our experienced Referrer Support team for prompt assistance at