Visage Viewer for Referrers

Imaging Associates has invested in the latest Pro Medicus software which provides referrers with a fabulous viewing platform that can be used on PCs, iPads and iPhones.

VISAGE is simple to install or download from iTunes.  With each practitioner having a unique username and password, they can choose to view only their patients, or they can choose to have colleagues patient’s images and reports available for view.

VISAGE is a faster system to view images on due to the image transportation methods. VISAGE does not transfer DICOM images (like most viewers) but instead sends much smaller amounts of data in pixels which means less download time required, less data consumption, and quality images available to referrers.

Images appear on VISAGE immediately after they are completed.  Reports will appear on the patient file in VISAGE once they are finalised.

If you are a practitioner who would like to be set up to view imaging on VISAGE, please email Lauren Moutafis ( or call 0455 080 206.

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