Results and X-ray Films


We recommend always discussing your results with the practitioner that referred you for your scan.

Interpreting radiology results

The treating practitioner is the most appropriate and qualified person to explain and discuss radiology test results. This is because tests represent just one of the many factors that are considered in reaching a diagnosis and planning treatment/management. Other factors may include:

  • age and gender
  • current condition and physical findings
  • medical, family and social history
  • medications
  • other diagnostic procedures
  • occupation
  • ethnicity
  • diet

Can I talk directly to a radiologist about my radiology results?
While there is no formal restriction on directly contacting a radiologist, the most appropriate person to discuss radiology results is the treating practitioner. This is because radiology results must be interpreted in the context of other factors which may not be known to the radiologist, such as complete information to interpret the test result including history and physical examination.

Can I have a copy of my radiology results?
Your scan results/medical imaging results will be sent directly to your referring doctor. Patients are legally entitled to a copy of their radiology test results although the treating practitioner is in the best position to understand and interpret the test results and its potential impact for their patient. If patients would like a copy of their test results, they should be requested from the treating practitioner at the time of consultation.

Results are made available to patients via our patient portal – IA X-RAYS – 21 days after your doctors receives it.
You may directly request results from our clinics (you may be asked to provide the request in writing accompanied by photo ID). At Imaging Associates we have a protocol on how to release radiology test results to patients, and this may include informing your treating practitioner of this request. This is because reading your radiology results may be distressing or potentially confusing for some people. Radiology results are also reported using technical medical language, your doctor can explain what the results mean for you.


X-ray Films

Hardcopy film is environmentally unfriendly. With recent technological advances, we can lower our impact on the environment by moving way from traditional x-ray films and replacing them with digital files of your images and electronic delivery of your medical imaging report. 

Many referring practitioners have joined us in our campaign to be environment conscious and elected to go “filmless” and “paperless”. We can tailor this service to your referring doctors needs.
Most referring doctors will be able to view your images from their rooms via our internet viewer. Patient images are stored electronically on our PACS (Picture and Archiving Communication System). This is a secure system that encrypts your results which requires your doctor to install software and sign into a secure portal each time.

Other than environmental considerations, going filmless also has other benefits:

  • Fast – Medical reports and images are delivered electronically to your doctor as soon as our radiologist completes your imaging report.
  • Efficient – films are never lost or forgotten as they are always stored securely and are available on request from our clinics.
  • Convenient – you no longer have to wait for the images to be printed and store them at home
  • Greater image quality – your doctor will have the ability to see more, through high quality digital images

As images are stored, we can always print films at a later date if required (provided we have notice) for you to collect from our clinic. Images can also be supplied on a USB, CD or DVD.

Our new Patient Portal gives patients an opportunity to be “filmless” as well. Find out more below.


IA X-RAYS – Patient Portal

IA X-rays allows patients to view, share and store radiology images performed at an Imaging Associates’ clinic. Our platform gives you secure online access to your images via computer, tablet or  phone.

You have access to your images anywhere, anytime allowing you to share with anyone you choose – whether showing your impressive baby ultrasounds to family via social media or sharing with a health professional while traveling. Granting access to medical practitioners is simple and quick.

Our patient portal is ideal if …

  • You suffer from a long term medical condition and need your imaging history
  • You are pregnant – share your precious baby scans with family and friends
  • You travel – have your scans instantly available anywhere in the world
  • You need to share with clinicians involved in your healthcare

Activate your account

  1. After your x-ray or scan, you will receive an SMS asking you to activate an account to view your images.
  2. Download the IA X-rays patient portal app (links below) to view your images or via


Having Trouble?
Simply email and provide a description of the problem together with your details and Patient ID.

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