Falling under our range of Diagnostic Imaging and radiology services, our X-Ray allows images of internal organs and structures to be taken in a quick and painless way. X-Ray is often used to look at bones (fractures, joints or disease) or at organs such as heart and lungs.

Our Radiographic Systems provide safe, fast and comfortable equipment for X-Ray services.

The patient focused design will optimise the patient experience and ensure the high diagnostic quality
of the imaging.


Very rarely is preparation required, however any preparation instructions will be given to you at time of booking.

What to expect

X-ray imaging is commonly used to visualise injuries of the extremities like arms and legs. For these scans your limbs will be placed at particular angles on a receptor plate, and the camera will be moved to be above you. For a chest or pelvis x-ray you may be asked to stand rather than lie down for the scan. In all cases, every attempt is made to avoid unnecessary discomfort during the scanning process.


You will be exposed to a small amount of radiation during the examination. Radiation occurs naturally in the environment. The amount of radiation from an x-ray is minimal due to modern digital techniques and is very unlikely to cause any ongoing issues.


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