Breast Procedures

At Imaging Associates we have a strong interest in Breast Imaging and Intervention. We offer a range of services to access and evaluate breast changes and lumps.

Hookwire Localisation/Insertion
Sometimes our scans show abnormalities in the breast. If the abnormality is to be surgically removed, it is necessary to place a fine wire, called a hookwire, in the breast with its tip at the site of the abnormality. This acts as a marker during surgery and enables the surgeon to remove the correct area of breast tissue. The hookwire is inserted to guide the removal of both benign (non-cancerous) and malignant (cancerous) abnormalities. Mammography or ultrasound are used by our radiologist to place the hookwire into the correct position. The wire is called a hookwire because there is a tiny hook at the end, which keeps it in position. Breast Hookwire Localisation is done using local anaesthetic to numb the breast in the area where the hookwire is to be inserted.

Fine Needle Aspiration
Ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration uses ultrasound to locate a problem area, followed by insertion of a small-gauge needle to area to withdraw cells for pathologic evaluation.

Stereotactic and tomosynthesis guided breast biopsies
A stereotactic core biopsy is another method used to sample abnormal tissue identified on a mammogram. During the procedure, the breast is compressed similar to a mammogram. Following local anesthesia, a small nick is made in the skin of the breast and a needle is inserted to obtain multiple samples of breast tissue for laboratory analysis.