Computed Tomography (CT) uses an X-ray tube and multiple detectors to provide incredibly rapid imaging of your anatomy.
You will be asked to lie on a table in the middle of the ring while the scan is taken.
Nothing will touch you during the scan.
The CT scanner at Imaging Associates Box Hill is a 320 detector scanner.
This system can take a whole body scan in a matter of seconds. It can take a scan of your heart in less than a heartbeat!
The system is also equipped with dose reduction technology which ensures that the lowest possible radiation dose is used during a scan, which will still allow for high quality diagnostic pictures to be obtained.

This advanced CT system provides major benefits to patients with the following features:

  • Wide CT opening – a wide bore reduces anxiety caused by claustrophobia
  • Dose reduction technology – ensuring the lowest possible radiation dose is employed
  • Rapid acquisition – a fast imaging time means the patient doesn’t need to lie still for as long or hold breath for as long
  • Lower table height – the CT table can be lowered to allow easy access for patients with mobility issues


All CT scans require a referral from your GP or Specialist.