Imaging Associates is an accredited Radiology provider under the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme.
At all times, your safety and comfort is of the utmost importance. If you feel that you are in an unsafe situation, please advise our staff. If you have any questions about the scans or procedures you are undertaking with us, please question our staff or ask to speak with the onsite Radiologist.

Our clinics are equipped with the highest level, industry leading technology with your best health outcomes in mind.

Should you notice anything which is unsatisfactory, please advise our staff or ask to speak with the Practice Manager.

Radiation Safety
In undergoing medical imaging procedures and scans, you may be exposed to Ionising Radiation.

It is the x-ray beam, which, in small doses, allows images of internal structures to be formed and viewed.

It is now common practice to always use the lowest dose that is reasonably possible when taking a diagnostic image.

New technology comes with dose minimisation options, and extremely powerful software which is able to acquire and create detailed images suitable for diagnosis.