Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 8 April 2020:

Imaging Associates has implemented a patient and visitor screening process amid the COVID-19 pandemic. All patients are required to speak to a staff member before attending our clinic(s). You can complete the form below and a team member will contact you to discuss your booking.
Walk in appointments are no longer available. 
We encourage patients to attend their appointments alone. If a carer or support person is required please discuss with our team at the time of booking. For these patients, one additional adult person may attend with them. For those scans that take longer than 15 minutes, in particular obstetric ultrasounds, partners may be invited in to view baby images during the last five minutes of the examination at maximum. Some sonographers may choose to refuse partners in the room all together, and we ask that you respect their preference during these unprecedented times

We recommend appointments to minimise delays and inconvenience to patients.

Patients requiring a scan and/or procedure should telephone our reception staff or complete the below Online Booking Form to request an appointment.

Every effort is taken to accommodate patients without an appointment, there may be a significant wait as urgent studies and patients with an appointment will be prioritised first. A referral from your doctor and any previous films performed by another radiology company must be brought with the patient when attending an appointment.


Fill out the below form and a friendly staff member to contact you to complete the booking.

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