Management Services

Imaging Associates Group will work in partnership with enthusiastic practices who are interested in expanding the success of their business and improving processes and service offerings. There are many business models which have proven to be successful and Imaging Associates is interested in exploring various models to tailor a solution for each partner’s needs. Your practice may use one, some or all of our business management offerings to assist in growing your business.

What We Can Do For You
Corporate Governance
Commercial Management
Financial Reporting
Identify Opportunities
Market Analysis
Medical Technology
Optimise Malpractice Insurance Costs
Statutory Obligations

What We Can Help You Do
Business Acquisition
Clinical Management
Quality Assurance
Review of Processes

Assistance in optimising financial structure for the individual Radiologist
Business planning and start-up
Career planning
Clinical guidance
Mentoring and advice
Opportunities in new and existing projects for the right people