3D Mammography at Waverley Private Hospital

Imaging Associates is pleased to announce we are now offering 3D Mammography at our Waverley clinic. Our investment in Mammography with Breast Tomosynthesis has also involved an Australian First with the installation of Selenia C-View™ technology.  C-View software creates a 2D image from the tomosynthesis scan and eliminates the need for the acquisition of additional conventional 2D exposures.Mammo (4)

The advantages of 3D Mammography are:

  • 27% increase in all breast cancer detection, and 40% increase in invasive breast cancer detection, when compared with 2D mammography.
  • Reduction in recall rates by 20-40% in a screening setting, and a significant reduction in additional views (and subsequent additional radiation, time and patient discomfort) in a radiology clinic setting.
  • May remove the need for an invasive procedure to determine the nature of a mass.
  • Better visualisation of normal and abnormal breast structures in all patients, but especially those with dense breast tissue, who are often younger women.
  • Imaging Associates is proud to currently be the only radiology provider in Australia to offer half radiation dose 3D mammography by utilising C-View technology


3D Mammography is now available at our Mitcham, Waverley and Wagga Wagga clinics.